About me

Truly novel, aren’t we all?

Like every deluded would-be-writer, I only chose this blog title because ‘my first novel’, ‘my book’, ‘wanna be a writer’ and ‘Move over Margaret Atwood’ were already taken. Okay, I didn’t check the last one. All I’m really looking for is a place where I can discreetly air some chapters of my book which, of course, isn’t a book yet (and perhaps never will be), though it lived in my head for years. More than twenty, to be precise. I don’t know why it took me so long to write down this story, because whenever I told it people said it would make a great book. I guess I kept waiting for the ending, happy or otherwise, which still hasn’t come. And recently it dawned on me that, when it finally arrives, I won’t be around to write it.

Even in its compressed form this story takes a good two hours to tell. In the commuter belt it makes for a great conversation killer at dinner parties, since it just doesn’t sit right with the usual chatter about the selection for the school’s netball squad, golf club memberships or the best tutors in the area.

How interesting you will find it depends on which side of the fence or rather wall you grew up on. On my side stories like mine are a dime a dozen, and to my surprise the bestseller lists over there are still teeming with them. Which proves that the events of 1989 were so earth-shattering and changed so many lives that people still haven’t tired of reading about them. Events such as these make ordinary people do extraordinary things. Because most people in the West alive today never experienced a monumental event that turned their collective lives upside down in such a short space of time, the whole period is shrouded in cliches and unrealistic cold war imagery. Perhaps that’s why I chose to write in English: to breathe a sense of reality into this long-gone world everyone beyond what used to be the Iron Curtain seems to have a rather crude idea about.

Whether I have succeeded in this is up to you to judge. Provided you or anyone else will ever read this blog, which is unlikely. And which would suit me fine to tell the truth. If you happen to come across it however and you like the story or the style or even both, I’d be grateful for your opinion. I also take criticism really well, provided it’s objective and helpful.

Thanks for reading on.



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